CALL NOW FOR A READING - Andrew Aloha of Spiritual Image Productions also known as Orion of Psychic Encounters
CALL NOW FOR A READING - Andrew Aloha of Spiritual Image Productions also known as Orion of Psychic Encounters
CALL NOW FOR A READING - Andrew Aloha of Spiritual Image Productions also known as Orion of Psychic Encounters
CALL NOW FOR A READING - Andrew Aloha of Spiritual Image Productions also known as Orion of Psychic Encounters
CALL NOW FOR A READING - Andrew Aloha of Spiritual Image Productions also known as Orion of Psychic Encounters
Andrew Aloha, Myself & I are grateful & thankful for all the
love, healing, health, wealth, security, safety, success,
prosperity, support, kindness, assistance, protection,
forgiveness, food, mercy, blessings, gifts, rewards, divine
humor, inheritance, grace, gratitude, creativity,
inspiration, consideration, acceptance, integrity, intimacy,
rejuvenation, divine music, cashflow, currency, legacy,
freedom, nature, nurturement, education, wisdom,
intelligence, intellect, empowerment, knowledge,
understanding, insight, intuition, oxygen, Aloha, home &
family (Your Name/Other Names), Myself & I are receiving,
acquiring, accepting, experiencing, feeling & being
now.....karma free, debt free, effortlessly, endlessly, easily &
abundantly in the name of God OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Andrew Aloha
Andrew Aloha, Myself & I are grateful &
thankful we're all being Blessed now with
being kind, considerate, generous, grateful,
thankful, compassionate, loving, healthy,
wealthy, fun, enlightened and in right
relationship with each other, with ourselves
and all that's around us, karma free, debt
free, effortlessly, easily & abundantly so that
all of us feel good, grateful and thankful
about this now in the name of
God/dess....OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Andrew Aloha
Psychic Intuitive Astrology Readings
Tarot Card Readings
In Person or Distance Reiki or Healing Treatment

Hypnosis Treatments

Paranormal Investigations
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Lecturer/Speaker/Presenter (A Topic List Available Below)
Andrew Aloha's Services
Aloha......Andrew Aloha also known as Orion of Psychic Encounters, Astrologer Andrew of
AskNow, and Psychic Intuitive Andrew of is a world renowned Intuitive
Astrologer for over 20 years who has helped 100’s of people throughout the world with career,
money, clarity, relationships, twin flames, soul mates, transitioned loved ones, the afterlife,
future lives, UFO’s, aliens, implants, health, wealth, manifestation, missing people, missing
items, animals and more……Aloha is committed to your well being and be assured that he will
get all your questions answered somehow or another…….ask the questions you dare not ask
anyone else, the answers may surprise you……call now for a reading…...many blessings and
thanks for stopping by……:)

Again, with over 20 years of experience in the field of Astrology, over 7 years as a Radio Show
Host on "The Golden Age Psychic Show", and two years as a Spirituality/Ascension Mentor &
Author, Aloha has been counseling, consulting, coaching and mentoring people teaching them
how to Engineer and Design their lives the way they want them to be. Using Astrology, Tarot
Cards and Psychic Intuition, Aloha has been able to help people quickly identify their old
patterns and/or lifestyles that no longer serve them and teach them how to trade or change
them in for new ones. After doing hundreds of charts and readings, probably 1000’s, Aloha has
learned to show people how to quickly overcome fears and obstacles that have been in their
way and move on to a bigger, better, healthier, happier way of life.

Additionally, with “manifestation” being one of Aloha’s specialties, he has helped lots of
people manifest new partners, lovers, money, prosperity, abundance, a new place of residence
and more into their lives. And, although not a doctor, Aloha has done distance healings or
programs that at minimum help people relax and/or relieve stress in their lives.  In fact, many
have often said that they feel more relaxed or more peaceful after a session with Aloha. Others
have stated that they changed jobs, moved from one residence to another, or even changed
partners as their new way of life.

Aloha is also a Field Investigator in the Paranormal, exploring with and innerviewing with
people involved with UFO’s, Aliens and/or the Paranormal. He has talked with and
innerviewed with numerous individuals in this field that are world renowned, whom have
written books, done interviews, been on television shows and more. Call and find out for
yourself, you may be surprised. Many blessings and thanks……:)

Sessions tend to last anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours or more depending on your needs.  
You can make prior arrangements via phone by calling (928) 310 - 1700.  Or, you can email
Andrew Aloha at  Sessions begin at $55 for 25
minutes, $95 for 45 minutes, and $125 for an hour depending on your needs.   You may wish to
decide how much time you need before making your initial purchase.  You can also click on the
"add to cart" menu at the top left of this page to confirm your reading.....Thanks, have a
God/dess life………ciao!

Andrew Aloha

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All the sounds of God in the Word OM .......:)
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Certified Psychic - Andrew Aloha
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CALL NOW FOR A READING - Andrew Aloha of Spiritual Image Productions also known as Astrologer Andrew of AskNow
CALL NOW FOR A READING - Andrew Aloha of Spiritual Image Productions also known as Orion of Psychic Encounters

“he helped with what TO DO, not necessarily what will happen (though he went there also).
Interesting man.” ~ Travis C

“He is on point did a awesome reading” ~ Gail L

“Wonderful reading from Orion, very accurate and great energy. Will be back again to speak to
him. Happy that I found him on this site, answers all your questions and gives you lots of
information” ~ Arlin M

“Orion was fantastic. He set the stage for the conversation right off. He asked me about me
then ask me what I thought about what he was telling me. Very awesome reading. I would call
him again for life help” ~ Jennifer V
List of Topics available for presentation at your event, for a
minimum of travel, food and/or lodging fees. Time for presentations
are at least 1 or 2 hours......thanks......:)

1)  The 90 Day Ascension Journey: Engineer & Design Your Life the Way You Want It To Be!

The “90 Day Ascension Journey” is a mentoring program designed to teach people how to
engineer and design their life the way they want it to be. Journeyers learn to define their Soul
or True Life Purpose, or Divine Life Plan; along with what enlightenment and ascension are.
They are provided with assistance to connect or reconnect with their mind, body and spirit.
Through a Universal, Soul Centered process they go through a life long transformation that
allows them to go forward with their endeavors.

Andrew Aloha is Executive Producer, Owner and Operator of Spiritual Image Productions
(SIP) who’s mission, goal, purpose is to “Establish & Maintain Right Relationships Thru
Human Values”, or to exemplify to others right healthy relationships with ourselves and with
each other. The way to accomplish this is by learning, implementing, and maintaining a daily
diet of The Five Spiritual Practices of Prayer, Meditation, Service, Sound/Music &
Inspirational Readings.  Throughout the years, this teaching model has been quite
instrumental in establishing an in-depth awareness, understanding and healing for Andrew
Aloha and others.

Andrew Aloha has been counseling, coaching, teaching, mentoring people for over 25 years
with his latest venture being the “90 Day Ascension Journey”, a program designed to teach
people how to live the lifestyle of an Enlightened being.  Or, to teach people how to engineer &
design their lives according to their needs, wants and desires.  To be sure, Aloha has written
the supplement or book version to this journey called “The 90 Day Ascension Journey:
Engineer & Design Your Life The Way You Want It To Be!”.  

I/we do not claim to be a licensed or certified physician, therapist or clinician.  Likewise, I/we
do not claim to be a licensed attorney or counselor.

United Psychics Interview's Andrew Aloha on The Ascended Entrepreneur

The 90 Day Ascension Journey: Engineer & Design Your Life the Way You Want It To Be! (book)   

Your twin flame is most likely not the person you’re married to

What are Twin Flames? How do we get them?  How do we prepare for one?  Will we ever meet
one?  Are we married to one or involved with one?  Have we known them in other lifetimes?

Andrew Aloha & Julia Weiss in Your twin flame is most likely not the person you’re married to

3)  Why are there so many single women? Let’s Talk!

More than ever in this day and age, there are a number of women that are single......the reasons
are numerous including that women simply want to be single and are only interested in “hook-
ups”.  With today’s society offering more employment opportunities and gadgets for self-
pleasure, women are fine to be alone and hang out with their friends.  Or, are they?  Many have
been in abusive relationships, or come from families of abusiveness and really don't want to
repeat those dramas or cycles.  Many are afraid of being a Mother, Wife or Lover.  Could PTSD
have a role in all this?  Listen in and find out for yourself.  Even more important, older women
may know a thing or two about a thing or two.  Find out the real reason as to why you’re single!

Andrew Aloha & Co Host Maha Dakini Lorae in “Why are there so many single women?”

4)  Why Suicide Anthony Bourdain?

In the wake of TV storyteller Anthony Bourdain, fashion designer Kate Spade and others
committing suicide, we take a serious look at this growing public health problem.  People can
be cruel and suicide is a very desperate act.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention
confirms that over the past two decades suicide rates have increased more than thirty
percent.  Why ARE people killing themselves? How do we know that they are on the edge of
doing so, what signs and symptoms can we look for to determine this?  Who are these people?
Is there treatments for this growing epidemic? What is the most common way people commit
suicide? When are these people most likely to commit suicide? Is it wrong for people to
commit suicide?  Stay tuned and find the answers to these questions, you might just reconsider
these impulsive acts may not be what you think them to be……

Andrew Aloha, Co-Host Maha Dakini Lorae & Penny Cohen in Why Suicide Anthony Bourdain?

5)  How do you know he or she is right for you?

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” ~ Rumi

Is he or she creative, supportive, productive, willing to be of service, kind, considerate and
everything you want in a partner? Is she or he your Twin Flame, your Soulmate or Consort?
Where do you this amazing Life-Long Lover, Partner, Friend, Hero/Heroine? What kind of
karmic ties do you have with each other? Do you have past lives or future lives with each
other? Did they pass the “Bar” test? Is that a reason to end it? How does Sex-texting play in all
this? What happens when they transition, how do I say “Good-Bye”? What happens when we
grow apart, what then? All this and more, to follow……

Andrew Aloha with Maha Dakini Lorae in How do you know if he or she is right for you?

6)  Does she have “Daddy Issues”?

Often an expression that many women get labeled with whenever a woman gets involved with
an older man, or seems to be difficult to get along with. “Daddy Issues”, “Father Complex”,
“Electra Complex”, “Bernfield Factor”, and “Odipal Complex” are all terms used to describe
the same person, someone that makes men victims of their wild, unpredictable and irrational
moods. Coined by Sigmund Freud, then Carl Jung, “Daddy Issues” is a catch all phrase used to
describe a neuroses that results from an individual’s poor relationship with their father. Such
behavior, when exhibited by females, was a desire to “become pregnant by the father and kill
the mother,” or alternately, evoked the idea that women entering puberty suffered from “penis
envy,” the failure to have a phallus. Freud continued to use Oedipal Complex to refer to the
idea of a child idealizing the different gendered parent to the point of sexual desire, and a
desire, at least in part, to get rid of the same sex parent (What are Daddy Issues? – wiseGEEK).
What next?

Andrew Aloha with Co-Host Maha Dakini Lorae in Daddy Issues

7)  The SESTA-FOSTA Act of 2018

Introduced by Republican Ohio Senator Rob Portman, the two legislative frameworks, the Stop
Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) and Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), were
combined into one bill known as the FOSTA-SESTA package which became law on April 11,
2018. The bill was notably passed to bypass Section 230 within the Communications Decency
Act passed in 1996, something that was not designed to provide immunity to websites into
facilitating sex trafficking.

Even more important, the bill was passed for the vengeful purpose of putting Backpage, an
online site that sold classified ads, out of business. Did this bill override the “Freedom of
Speech” act, or is it simply a vendetta against Backpage? Is this bill a front for sabotaging sex
workers, or simply a front for putting a lid on Stormy Daniels? Is this bill really justified in
protecting approximately 75,000 females between the ages of 12 – 17 years of age, many who
will never go home because they don’t want to due to the parenting skills of their care takers?
Or, was this bill simply passed so that a few undermining people could make several million
dollars from the act? What’s in your wallet?

Andrew Aloha with Co-Host Maha Dakini Lorae in SESTA FOSTA.....

8)  How Will Matthew T. Lauer, Harvey Weinstein & Others Overcome Sexual Misconduct?

What is “sexual misconduct”? Over the last year or so the “Me Too” movement has led to a
number of famous people or people in power falling flat on their face in more ways than one.
With Jupiter in Scorpio, it has also led to numerous people, mostly female, going through
some major healing for themselves, their family and/or their friends. Matt Lauer, Harvey
Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly, David Duchovny, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Charlie Sheen, Bill Cosby
and numerous other males have been put on the stand to fight for themselves, with some
actually going into the can. Sexual Addiction or Compulsive Sexual Behavior, either way
people need to take responsibility for their actions, for their Sexual Integrity. Or, least get
some help for that hypersexuality disorder before it’s too late.

Andrew Aloha with Holly Devi Amoore in How Do Matthew Todd Lauer, Harvey Weinstein...

9)  Government Paranormal Programs

Military mind control? Stargate, Psychic Spies, Sun Streak, Project Blue Book, HAARP, The
Philadelphia Experiment, etc. are all government paranormal programs kept hidden from
American citizens.  Chemical warfare, human guinea pigs, mind control to a few of the on
goings in these proceedings. What could the government possibly gain from all this. Is it civil,
professional or humane for such actions, words and deeds. Find out what you can do for your
country. “Can’t we all just get along”!

Andrew Aloha & Rev Marietta White in Government Paranormal Programs, 14 July 2017

10)  UFO’s, Aliens, The Paranormal & More!

Synopsis: It all started one night when I/we were 10 years old…..I/we were pissed off at God
and literally told him off…..I/we told him I/we would never believe in him unless I/we seen
him in a physical body……I/we forgot about that dark, gruesome night until years later when
I/we were in the Air Force, a man walked up to me/us and two other females who were
bankers…..We were laughing and partying on a river bed not yet drunk when this tall Spaniard-
like being comes up to us and says, “the Christ will appear within the next 10 years”…..Then he
LITERALLY disappeared into thin air!.....What’s that all about?.....This all took place in the
matter of seconds…..I/we laughed and looked around, he was no where to be found…
laughter subsided too a stop, where did he go!......Since then I/we have yet to talk to the other
two females about this situation and the countless experiences I/we have had with UFO’s,
Aliens, the Paranormal and more have been non-stop to this day!.....Or, do I/we really want it
to stop?

Introduction To Transmission Meditation by Andrew Aloha
(A minimum of 2 to 3 hours is recommended for this presentation)

“Transmission Meditation is a group service activity which 'steps down' the great spiritual
energies that continually stream into our planet. During transmission, the Masters of Wisdom
direct these energies from the spiritual planes through the energy centers (chakras) of the
group members in a highly scientific manner. This process, which makes the energies more
useful to humanity and the other kingdoms in nature, is similar to that of electrical
transformers, which step down the power between generators and household outlets.” ~ Share

In this introduction by Andrew Aloha there are some dynamics that didn’t exist when it came
to doing Transmission Meditation. Years ago, Andrew Aloha spent several months meditating
with Benjamin Crème and his group in London, England, the original and first Transmission
Meditation group known to mankind. Today, Mr. Aloha still maintains that connection with
Mr. Crème’s group even though he has been deceased for some time now.

The way in which this meditation is done with Mr. Aloha is somewhat different than all the
other groups. Not because of a rebellious act, though necessary to protect and safe guard those
that wish to do the meditation with Mr. Aloha. In fact, in the way that this format is done it
actually makes it easier to do the meditation from anywhere in the world on a much different
level. All that’s required is ambition, inspiration, compassion and the willingness to
participate at your own discretion. Although, it is highly recommended that you listen to the
introductory video below at your leisure to ensure that you get the most out of Transmission
Meditation without hurting yourself or others.

An Introduction To Transmission Meditation by Andrew Aloha

12)  Calif0rnia's 'Yes Means Yes', 'Affirmative Consent' For Sexual Activity, Senate Bill 967

On 28 September 2014, California took a major step to prevent sexual assaults on college
campuses. Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 967, “yes means yes”, placed into
legislation by Senator Kevin de Leon, making California the first in the nation to define when
and how consent can be given. With states and universities across the U.S. under fire to change
how they handle rape allegations, a paradigm shift can now take place in how college
campuses in California prevent and investigate sexual assaults. The bill defines consent as an
"affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity" and that not
saying no isn't a go. It also states that if the person has drugs or alcohol in his or her system or
is asleep, they cannot give consent. Additionally, lawmakers say consent can be nonverbal, and
universities with similar policies have outlined examples as a nod of the head or moving in
closer to the person.

Intimacy, Tantra & Relationships Psychically Fulfilled – 26 Sept 2014